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CT-Home Built cthomebuilt@freelists.org Jeff Bechtel open
(May 2017) I have an idea for a project that involves 'home built' sound machines, experiments, instruments etc. Home made string or percussion, instruments, Arduino/sensor like oddities, modified audio kits, home built synthesizer oddities, gadgets incorporating rubber bands and contact mics. Not to forget sound made by home built software gadgets in Processing, Java, Python, or other platforms Though there are a lot of great things on the market, I'm interested to see people using things that transcend the usual commercially available instruments,devices, software etc. There seems to be unique approach involved when using a new or uncommon interface or instrument, which potentially causes one to think in different and interesting ways. I am extremely fascinated by things of unusual origins, and by peoples unique creative ingenuity, ideas and inventions. I'm interested in resulting tracks which hopefully have a very unusual sense or 'otherness' about them. Textural drones to lively aleatoric sonic collages, and many other things, preferably avoiding much to do with commercial mainstream genres. I strongly encourage contributors to exercise their profound quirkiness and unique personality traits. I personally tend to like stuff with layered textures and atmospheric qualities, but can also really like very noisy rhythmic stuff, preferably organised in interesting or thought provoking ways. A set of basic ground rules would be: Generating original sounds with home built acoustic or electronic instruments or effects. Modified or circuit bent electronics encouraged. The use of 'prepared' or found instruments, modified harps or zithers, the use of bird cages and kitchen appliances, antique clocks PD or Max, Chuck, Supercollider (etc) patches for unique generative or synthesis processes could be an important addition to this concept- Odd rhythms, probabilistic or otherwise mathematically generated structures or textures etc. Experiments using metal objects, springs, water tanks and hydrophones, resonant boxes, high voltage etc strongly encouraged Perhaps a CD length production consisting of 5 - 10 pieces would be a starting point, goal wise. Production: Any musical discipline ( percussion, looping, drone making ) acceptable. Tracks can be exchanged to be remixed, layered, reprocessed etc Totally acceptable to use any preferred mixing environment or DAW to assemble tracks A final set of 'finished' tracks can be voted on or selected otherwise by all who contribute.
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CT-Sound Collage Anyone who wants to be a part of the CT Sound Collage mailing list can subscribe by sending an email with just the word subscribe in the subject. The email address is: soundcollage-request@freelists.org Tyler Zahnke open
(May 2017) How about doing a sound collage? Examples of famous sound collages include Revolution 9 by The Beatles (not to be confused with Revolution), Helter Stupid by Negativland, Montage of Heck by Kurt Cobain, most pieces by Negativland in general, Wayne Butane, The Bran Flakes, or anything that you hear when you look up "YouTube Poop". Using existing recordings to make an artistic piece. Sound collage, it's what we've been doing in our band, and I was wondering how many CT Collective people wanted to try a sound collage.
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CT-Extraterrestrial CT-ET Michael Peters open
(May 2017) Each one of us knows scenes in science fiction movies that contain aliens making alien music. The most famous one is probably the Mos Eisley cantina from the first Star Wars movie. A band is playing, its members are aliens blowing into futuristic looking wind instruments, but the music is very human - in the style of ... Benny Goodman? Or think of the tribal dance of the blue skinned people of Pandora, under their giant tree, in the movie Avatar. I think these pathetic attempts are as far away from the real thing as American "Exotica" music from the 1950s is from real Polynesian folk music, or from Gamelan. I can't remember any such movie scene that tried to be at least a tiny little bit creative. While SF movie audiences are used to fantastic landscapes and surreal beings, apparently it is asking too much to want truly alien music. I think it is an interesting topic - is truly alien music too demanding for the movie audience? or are directors just not interested? why do alien bands always have to sound like humans? (And why are haircuts from the 1980s so popular on the space ships of the distant future?) CT-Extraterrestrial: here is the project. Try to channel a piece of music that was actually created by aliens. Not the almost human aliens from Star Trek or other Hollywood productions but _real_ aliens. The ones that are out there somewhere, stranger than fiction. Seriously, what could their music sound like? Music that means a lot to them but they are maybe very different from us? Is it possible to move outside of all conceptual frameworks you have of music and imagine a different kind of music and a different sound? without using SF cliches of any kind? I am not interested in another take on human science fiction imagery, or in persiflages on existing futuristic movies. I am wondering if it is possible to create music that could truly come from extraterrestrial musicians.

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