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Ambitative 1
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NEMO 007-1
year: 2000

project coordinator:Raül Bonell Tomàs
mastering: Raül Bonell Tomàs
artwork:Michael Peters

it's ambient music, but not wussy. Part 1 of 2.

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1 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   Bells
Granulated sounds of bells.
comment 01.11.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Interesting...the elongated decay is very hipnotic as it trails off into infinity. This piece is very minimalist in nature....simple tones, but the approach is unique.
2 Luca Formentini
stream trackload mp3   Hunting my Rest
This is a session taken on May, 14th, 2000 with Moreno A., a Zendrum player with whom I had started to work with that day. That was our first session. We have recorded it live on different tracks and we have added just one additional Zendrum track to confuse the tempo feel a little bit.

Electric guitar & loops: Luca Formentini

Zendrum: Moreno A.
comment 01.11.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I love the minor second interval tension that starts in the introduction. Great drum sound....deep, very rich resonance.
3 Dennis Leas
stream trackload mp3   E-Vocation
corrugated tubing, Woodstock chimes, marimba, triangle, gong, voice, didjeridu

equipment: 2 EDPs, Tascam 1024 mixer, Yamaha SPX-90

recorded direct to Sharp MD-MS702 minidisc
comment 01.11.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I liked this one right from the beginning....not sure what that sound is (the tubing?), but it reminds me of a fog horn or horn of a barge on a huge bay. After that, is that an elk call that comes in before the first bell ring? They make those out of rugated tubing.
4 Doug Michael
stream trackload mp3   Slide
Doug Michael: Electric Guitar & Brass slide

This piece was composed in the summer of 1999 and is part of a series of compositions that explores the Electro-Harmonix 16 second digital delay. This is the fifth composition in the series. All the sounds were created using a brass slide on the Electric Guitar through the digital delay. I've created multiple 16 second loops, with one loop evolving throughout the piece and one very static loop. This music always has two loops sounding while a third and fourth loop shine through at different points in time. 'Slide' was featured in the 1999 SEAMUS AudioClip Web Concert.
5 Mank
stream trackload mp3   Somnambulism
\Som*nam"bu*lism\, n. [Cf. F. somnambulisme. See Somnambulation.] A condition of the nervous system in which an individual during sleep performs actions approppriate to the waking state; a state of sleep in which some of the senses and voluntary powers are partially awake; noctambulism.
6 Alain Piñero
stream trackload mp3   Mescalito's Finger
"Mescalito´s finger" from the album PRANKS! - 1999.

Alain Piñero plays Chapman Stick, 12 string Warr guitar and loops, Markus Reuter plays 8 strings Warr guitar.

(Warr guitars are exclusively made by Mark Warr from Warr guitars)

Terrifying-calm loop adventures.
7 Doug Michael
stream trackload mp3   Reflections
Doug Michael: Electric Guitar

Reflections is a piece that incorporates melodic looping. This is the fourth piece in a series of compositions that explores the Electro-Harmonix 16 second digital delay with the Electric Guitar. I wanted to create an echoing of the main guitar line, much like having two instrumentalists playing the same musical phrase. These phrases continue echoing off each other while past phrases build up and in turn create a background texture. This music has just been released on CD by Angular Momentum CD's entitled "Delay Studies."
8 Kevin Miller
stream trackload mp3   Cloud Tooth
e-bow guitar>JamMan>reverb>JamMan>Vortex
comment 01.11.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Very haunting and spooky. There are some very subtle sounds going on, which I like a lot, as it builds an interesting texture.
9 Ignacio Bejar
stream trackload mp3   Epikeya
from the album EPIKEYA - 2000.

Ignacio Béjar plays soprano sax, keyboard and rhythm programming.

Oneiric music connecting different worlds.
10 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Sfumato 9-99
Dedicated to the memory of Phillip C. Nelson

On September 20th, 1999, my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. The next morning, I improvised this track live and in real time, one take, mistakes and all. I didn't even tune the guitar or set recording levels. The playing is nothing to brag about, but the emotion is genuine.
The setup is a Fender Stratocaster through an old Guyatone overdrive, a Boss FV-50 volume pedal, a Boss DD-3 delay, a SansAmp, an Akai Headrush and a Korg SDD-1000 delay in the aux sends of a Spirit Folio board. The synth in the loop was played with my elbow.
comment 01.11.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Great piece, Tim. With genuine artistic expresssion, where the emotion is real-time and sincere, there are no mistakes in my opinion. If there are, then it means the player is thinking too much about the piece and the notes rather than pouring his heart out through the fretboard.
11 Ran Kirlian
stream trackload mp3   The End of Existence
Tools: Roland Juno 106, Creative SB-Live!, Samples, found sounds

Rain falling behind my Window. Cold night. Smoke in my eyes. A few deformed sounds in my computer. Bells. Bones. Dark perceptions beneath my tears. Waves. Waves. A deeper breath. Smoke. My hands guided by hidden voices. Fade In. A vision of a demolished city. A rough graveyard full of footprints. Fire. Smell of burnt flesh. Strange symbols painted in blood. Paste to New. My pocket full of fear walking thru the corpses. Walls of fire crossing the streets. The sun becomes black. Chorus...

Performed & Recorded at The Kennel on a night full of nightmares (12-17-99)
comment 02.11.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Yes, it is dark alright...some fascinating sounds in this piece....very penetrating. I think I can feel the sub-harmonic pulses moving my inner ear.

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