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Location Volume 1
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Concept, coordination, mastering and sequencing: Matt Davignon

NEMO 013-1
year: 2001

project coordinator:Matt Davignon
mastering: Matt Davignon
artwork:Anders Östberg

Music created from field recordings around the world by members of the CT Collective. The focus of this project was to explore the sounds of different locations, as well as the musical ideas, sensibilities, and techniques of the artists who recorded the sounds, most of whom are residents of these areas.

A very nice review of this CD was written by Ingvar Loco Nordin.

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1 astroblue
stream trackload mp3   @Seattle
Seattle, Washington, USA
Recorded with the built-in mic on a walkman
cassette in early 2001 in Seattle. Natural seascapes and riffing ferry horns morph into a mechanized dance
featuring indigenous gameboys and jets, the coin-op fortuneteller then cueing the wild human rumpus that is
my beloved Seattle. Software used: CoolEdit and Acid 1.0.
2 Michael Peters
stream trackload mp3   Biesfeld
Kürten, Germany
Biesfeld is a village in a rural area (Bergisches Land) just east of Cologne, Germany. Hills, small towns, small forests, meadows, small rivers, agriculture, horses, cows.
You hear: songbirds - a vibrating fence wire - steps in the snow - cracking ice on puddles - airplane - water in a creek - hen - a horse - wind in large plastic sheets - an owl - chainsaws on a construction site - kids playing - crickets - a car - thunder.
Tools used: DAT recorder - Cubase - Granulab - Audiomulch - Wavewarp.
3 Luca Formentini
stream trackload mp3   Water
Garda Lake, Italy
Water is the sound of hands in the Garda lake. Sampled
and treated with various filters, smaller samples have been passes through resonance filters. The voice says
what this procedure made me feel. Everything has been processed through Eventide Orville and Tc Fireworx; no
editing or software operations.
4 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   Greetings from Eskilstuna
Eskilstuna, Sweden
Post-processed and time scaled sections of an originally 36-minute sound walk with small binaural microphones attached to the ears.
5 Sawako Kato
stream trackload mp3   3:36 AM
Tokyo, Japan
In someone's room late at night.
6 Sawako Kato
stream trackload mp3   Taikyokuken
Tokyo, Japan
Morning training during rainy season / everyday sound comes from somewhere.
7 Sawako Kato
stream trackload mp3   Free Market in Shimokita
Tokyo, Japan
As i was taking a walk in Shimokita, a free market was being held on the road.
8 Travis Weller
stream trackload mp3   Purchase. Practice. Perform
Austin, Texas, USA
A short, three movement suite for the
"Live Music Capitol of the World". Caustic location recordings of the Austin music scene by Travis Weller.
Purchase - Sunday afternoon at Mars Music. Practice - Friday night at Musiclab Rehearsal Space. Perform -
Saturday night on Austin's Historic Sixth Street. Special thanks to the cross-dressing free-jazz plastic paint
bucket busker.
9 Dennis Leas
stream trackload mp3   Some Days ...
Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Equipment: Sharp MD-702 minidisc, Oberheim
Echoplex Digital Pro, Symbolic Sound Kyma, Tascam 1024 mixer, Gateway laptop computer, various mics.
Sounds: downtown Lafayette, Memorial Day ceremony, Taste of Tippecanoe festival, Fourth of July celebration,
Mackey Arena at Purdue University, outside my house. The background is a 24 hour time-lapse recording of
downtown Lafayette. It consists of about 168 three-second recordings spliced together with cross-fading so
that you hear 24 hours played back in seven minutes. In the foreground are time-lapse and non time-lapse
recordings of other events. The sound of downtown Lafayette, like most US towns, is typically traffic noise.
Against the backdrop you hear the sounds of people living, celebrating, and remembering. In many ways, this
is a documentary soundscape.
10 Petr Dolak
stream trackload mp3   In the Shade of Jan Hus
Prague, Czech Republic
Equipment: Minidisc Sony MZ R-70,
Akai DPS 12, Electrix Warp Factory, MO-FX, Filter Factory, Digitech Quad 4, SoundForge. Sounds: downtown
Prague, Bethlehem chapel, Petrin. I attempted to depict Prague as the city of paradoxes, where the ancient
embraces with the hyper-modern. I received a great help from a guide in the Bethlehem chapel where Jan Hus
used to live and preach (Hus was later burned at the stake). She worded it so nicely that only a little tweaking
of the knobs was necessary for me to get what I wanted. Unfortunately she spoke to me in Czech only...
Translation is available upon request. Sounds: metro, horses, various doors and gates, etc.
11 Tape Recorder
stream trackload mp3   The Truth is Marching On
San Francisco, California, USA
Recorded and arranged by Matt Davignon. Protestors for KPFA recorded at the Embarcadero Center in San Franisco. A very simple
additive process involving a short fragment of the main loop.
12 Tape Recorder
stream trackload mp3   Friction
San Francisco, California, USA
The screeching noise is a MUNI
escalator at half speed. There are also basketball players in Delores Park, a farmers market at the Embarcadero,
and traffic/construction sounds from around the city.
13 Andy Soto
stream trackload mp3   El De Efe
Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City: largest human concentration in the
planet,oldest city of the american continent. Just a big contradiction, it´s just a Miracle that this city of 22
million just goes on and on...New York meets Dehli, modern life meets ancient traditions, just walked through
the flea markets, the streets, these are their voices...Sony Minidisc, SoundForge, Audiomulch, Acid.
14 Mank
stream trackload mp3   Bangor High Street
Bangor, North Wales, UK
The main sounds invading my ears on
Bangor High Street are seagulls and plastic bags. Thanks to the two cellists outside the bank.
15 Mank
stream trackload mp3   Menai Bridge Birds
Bangor, North Wales, UK
A walk alongside the Menai Strait and under the Menai Bridge from which my village takes its
name. More mutated seagulls.

The two tracks on location volume 1 have their names swapped, so this doesn't make much sense :-)

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