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Where We're At
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NEMO 015
year: 2004

project coordinator:Mikko Biffle
mastering: Mikko Biffle
artwork:Mikko Biffle

Where were we, in 2003? This recent outing highlights the sweeping scope and creativity the Collective is known for.

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1 Rick Walker
stream trackload mp3   Aluminum Milk Jug
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Nice work, Rick. I like the morphing about half way into the song, and then again toward the end. These make for nice breaks in the groove.
2 David Coffin
stream trackload mp3   Track 1
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  This is an intriguing song. The stereo panning is hypnotic. What is that, a Rhodes on the chord work?
3 Matt Davignon
stream trackload mp3   Either Yolk or Urine
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Besides the fact that the title of this song is pleasantly disgusting, Mr. Davignon's bizarre material never ceases to amaze me...especially since I saw him loop live in Santa Cruz for Y24K. This song is minimalist in terms of tone diversity, but full of personality. Toward the end, I like the pauses and re-starts. Might this song be the sound of an alien spaceship with a bad muffler or ignition problem? :)
comment 09.12.2004: klobuchar
  matt davignon is da man!.....i want to form a MATT DAVIGNON COVER BAND!!!!!are ya with me?????
4 Biffoz
stream trackload mp3   Get in Line
My de facto theme song asks the eternal question to which we all await the answer . . .
5 Patrick Smith +
Rob Switzer
stream trackload mp3   The Importance of Being Ernest
This piece was a distance collaboration with Patrick Smith. Patrick and I exchanged some solo improvisations via post. Patrick worked with an augmented electric guitar. I worked with alto sax, bass clarinet, Native Instruments Reaktor, and a circuit of lo-fi electronics -- circuit-bent stomp boxes and a Kaos Pad. Then, through a collaborative process, we turned the completed pieces of music we exchanged into a new, jointly composed piece of music.
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I love the sax!! Rick, is that you playing the dig?
6 Michael Klobuchar
stream trackload mp3   Mono Pod Dance
at this point klobuchar was into post loop manipulation.....minimal input munged up a bit
7 Rick Walker
stream trackload mp3   Love Song for Chris
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  The haunting voice melody is excellent....almost new species, animal-like...man, it's creepy, almost African sounding.
8 Michael Peters
stream trackload mp3   Une danse dans la cuisine du Roi de Beteigeuze
The track was composed of these sounds (can you spot them?):

a vocal sample from a renaissance music cd - the cracking of an aluminium yoghurt package lid - a large wooden paper pulp stamper driven by a water wheel - a metal leg of a table - the squeaking and honking of mushrooms being cut with a knife. Everything was put together using Sonic Foundry's Acid software.
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Very, very creative and clever. The sound of mushrooms? This is brilliant. You must have had the mic level cranked to ultra sensitivity. What's the translation..."Dance In The Kitchen Of King De Beteigeuze"?
comment 08.09.2005: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  > "You must have had the mic level cranked to ultra sensitivity"

no, actually the mushrooms are quite loud. :-) Try it.
9 Biffoz
stream trackload mp3   Mind Swap
catatonic : cubist : guitar.
10 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   Speed Corrections
Composition using field recordings.
11 Andy Soto
stream trackload mp3   Hyper Peyote
comment 02.09.2005: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  one of my favorite tracks from Where We're At. I like surprising, angular music like this. Big fun to listen to. Would make a nice soundtrack to an interesting short film.
12 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Start Again
comment 16.10.2004: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Finally, my own primary instrument (the guitar) comes to the forefront. And this song has a melody, which is refreshing. The reverse work is a nice touch...OH, and a bass solo (or guitar an octave down?). Magnificant! A real player? Flesh and blood on the fretboard? One can only hope. :)
13 Todd Madson
stream trackload mp3   Galaxy
An elegy for the late musician, Shawn Lane, recorded shortly after I heard of his passing.

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