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NEMO 016
year: 2005

project coordinator:Michael Peters
mastering: Michael Peters

Music for imaginary films or new soundtracks for existing films

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1 Walter Brühn
stream trackload mp3   Katharina's Reich
One scene among others.
Human beings, frantic, impatient, looking for their meaning of life amongst the crowd.
Tunnel views on beings which are either professionally in a good mood, or know that it is all over before it starts.

1.) 00:00 - 00:08
Quick fade up, students entering a lecture room, zoom on a young man who is visible in an indisposed mood.
Flying Steady over his head, following him.

2.) 00:08 - 00:12
Cut: maybe white flash
Steady flying on mumbling lips

3.) 00:12 - 00:18
Cut: maybe white flash
Young man, helpless, Steady 360° fly

4.) 00:18 - 00:31
He sits down, Steady in his line of sight. On the professor's stage men waving their hats to and fro in mannequin manner (or doing a can-can?):
Hitler, Stalin, Adenauer, Mao, Kohl, Roosevelt, Kissinger...
Fade to black
2 Michael Peters
stream trackload mp3   Central Dream Park
Music for the closing scene of an imaginary impressionist feature about Central Park. All sounds come from the M-Tron mellotron sample library.
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I love the vocal harmonies on this, with their tight tone clusters and polytonal texture. It sort of reminds me of the vocal parts that were used on the Planet of the Apes movie where Taylor found the cave and the bald headed people who had survived the nuclear holocaust and could read minds.
3 Matthias Ebbinghaus
stream trackload mp3   Dance of the Malistics
"Dance of the malistics" could be part of the film music for an independent science fiction film with a surrealist undertone. A long time after a nuclear catastrophe on earth, new civilisations have formed, one of them being the malistics. They live with nature, rites, and myths, are believed to possess magical forces, and to use them to suppress other peoples. "Dance of the malistics" is the music for a scene at first set in a cave, later outside the cave. The malistics - which can never be clearly seen throughout the movie - dance around a fire. The end of the movie reveals that they do not really possess magical forces but are in contact with an alien race which supplies them with their advanced technology.
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  I love the deep, sweeping overtones used in this piece. Interesting percussion tone used....sound very realistic. Are they frame drums? They are very warm....almost sound like Ashikos, to warm to be dumbecks or darbukas. The drums really establish that nature and rites theme with the sci-fi / alien lifeform theme, with the textured pads in the background.
comment 29.12.2005: Ivan Kapec (www.triangulizona.com)
  Very powerfull begining, but I dislike the little motiv (in 5ths) which come latter, it's sound cheap and predictabile. However, part with drums, actually dance, is amazing. What is strange, that before I read about the background of the track, I am imagined that music in science fiction movie.
4 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Music for Films
spanning decades, across the ages
My attempt to produce a traditional version of film music -
a main theme which is reinterpreted in a variety of ways throughout the film to enhance/underpin/contrast with the prevailing mood of the images at any point in the film.
Possibly there are insufficient variations on this theme to fully uphold the thesis, but that's the theory, at least.
The main melody is some 30 years old; one for which I've been attempting to find a home in all that time.
It was almost included in a documentary about arctic exploration,
but the main protagonist fell-out with the production company at the point of departure, so that film was never made.
Nor indeed is there yet a film for the music in its current form.
You'll need to indulge me quite a but here, but:
keeping in mind the idea of long distance journeying that was the subject of the abandoned film that was not to be; having myself reached the milestone age of 50 this year (and as a Thursday Child, I have far to go), and in search of a motif, I became drawn to the idea of "spanning the ages", and - albeit a somewhat thin conceit - started taking a series of images of the Severn Bridge which crosses between Wales and England as I drove across it twice a week, enroute to London from Penarth. Rather than a "movie", these pictures form a slow-dissolve montage of the bridge in changing light and weather conditions.
Or will do, if I ever get around to completing it!
DCO - guitars, ebows, sustainer guitar, sound manipulations, loops
5 norelpref
stream trackload mp3   Twig Cathedral
The music is a soundtrack to a film I shot/edited of a sculpture that
is made entirely of twigs and other living plants; it's at the Santa
Barbara Botanical Gardens, constructed by Patrick Dougherty.


Here's the link for the video in mpeg1 format, 128 MB.
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Hmmmm....I'll just be straightforward and honest with my subjective impression of this piece. I jumped directly to the mpeg to get the full impact of the work. I love the music, and the video of the twig structure is interesting, but the two don't seem to compliment each other for me. The video has a sort of natural and out-doors feel to it, but the music seems more ethereal and deep (large, as if in a real cathedral?). Over five minutes of video of the structure seems a bit long to me as well. Again, this is just my own personal reaction to the piece. Taken separately, I very much like both the video and the music. The music does convey the sense of a cathedral for me, just not the feeling that I get from viewing a twig stucture in the outdoors, which seems to thurst for a more earthy and nature-ritualistic feel...dryer, more direct and down to earth. I realize, however, that it is probably difficult to get these two themes to work together well. I don't think I could have done it with the given instrumentation. I would have been compelled to use acoustic instruments, but that is just personal taste for me.
6 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Foreign Film (Camera Bag Theme)
Acoustic guitars, fretted & fretless basses, 60's Halifax organ, dumbek, bongos, flute, cello, cymbal, airport and vintage telephone samples

Scene synopsis: Set in late 1960's Europe, "Foreign Film" might have been made by Michelangelo Antonioni, but wasn't. In this scene, our protagonist Ingrid (an extremely attractive former airline stewardess who now runs her own very hip travel agency) has just completed a location shoot with freelance photographer Erik when she notices that Erik has left behind in the Amsterdam airport departure lounge a small camera bag containing a flash attachment. Trying to be helpful, she gives the bag to Jane, her stewardess friend (who is also very attractive) to bring to London on the next flight where it can be returned to Erik by Ingrid's eccentric sculptor friend Steven. What Ingrid doesn't realize is that Erik is working undercover for Interpol, and has intentionally left the bag (which contains microfilm) to be picked up by Bruno (a shady character whose allegiances have not yet been made clear to the viewer) for delivery to Erik's partner Peter who is deep undercover investigating a crime ring. What follows is a madcap chase as the camera bag follows a circuitous path around Europe.
comment 29.12.2005: rob switzer
  Loved this track -- I'm a sucker for a nice fretless bass melody. It's also very evocative musically of the imaginary scene described. Great work, Tim.
comment 02.04.2006: Tim Nelson (http://www.myspace.com/nimbletunes)
  This track was featured on Swedish National Radio's 'Eldorado' programme
7 Jon Southwood
stream trackload mp3   Yume
Yume is a score to a scene that would appear in a biopic for the poet
Matsuo Basho. In his last hours, he lays in bed, ill. Around him are
gathered his disciples, to whom he gifts his final poem. He recites
the 17 syllable poem and shortly afterward dies. The poem (in loose
english translation) reads:

On a journey, fallen ill
and over withered fields
dreams go wandering still

(The japanese is: Tabi ni yande/yume wa kareno wo/kakemeguru)
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Beautiful score...very modern and moody...pensive... sometimes, with some of the more dissonant tone clusters, conveying uncertainty or lack of resolution....perhaps associated with being on one's deathbed...just my personal emotive reaction. Well done.
8 Fabio Anile
stream trackload mp3   End Titles
an imaginary end titles soundtrack
I've made a soundtrack for the scrolling titles you would see at
the end of an imaginary movie. The ones you see if you don't
shoot too fast from your seat after the final scene.

The trailer can be found at:

F.A.: piano, synth, sound sculpture, loops.
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  As usual, Fabio, I am astounded by your work. I was also very impressed with what you did on our collaboration CD, "Xperimentus". As usual, you trail off with your beautiful and sensitive piano playing. I like the fact that you don't assume what the film was like before this trailer; but you leave it to the listener's imagination. I can imagine this trailer being the end of an intellectual drama...almost too sophisticated for sci-fi, unless it was in the caliber of Russian science fiction drama, like the original Solaris or Stalker, both fascinating films that I have on DVD.
9 Gydja
stream trackload mp3   The Man-Machine
Metropolis: In one of the iconic moments of the film, the inventor Rotwang’s Man-Machine is transformed to give her the appearance of the resistance leader Maria, whilst the hero Freder is trapped within the lower levels of the house. Arcs of electricity surround the robot as Rotwang pulls various levers and Maria lies on a nearby table encased in a glass cylinder.
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Intriguing sounds in this piece. The choice of reverb density and size is superb. I like how you fade the droning, low end part out and leave the song with the bell-like part.
10 Mank
stream trackload mp3   In the Underground City
In the Underground City, Freder sees an old worker struggling with the dials on a piece of clock-like machinery.
The worker fails to keep up with the demands of the machine, and thus the machine blows up.
Freder begins to hallucinate that the masses of workers are being shoved into the mouth of the monstrous machine.
The imagery of Metropolis’ unquenchable hunger for more human lives is symbolically clear.

Link to movie clip with Mank's music at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TgLrB8ooLw
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  The download time to view the video in avi format is well worth it. Excellent job on this piece. I don't think we'll ever exhaust the possibilities of scores over Metropolis. I especially like how you time the music with the climax of the explosion, etc.

By the way, I created a wmv version of the avi file, which is a bit smaller, same audio quality, but smaller in size (9MB vs. the 50MB avi file). Let me know if you want me to send it to you.
comment 29.12.2005: rob switzer
  *Very* evocative of Metropolis -- I immediately knew which track this was without consulting the liner notes and found myself replaying the scene in my head. Excellent work.
11 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   The Amusement Park Scene
two parents desperately looking for their kidnapped daughter at a amusement park.
12 Rob Switzer
stream trackload mp3   Study One
Soundtrack for an excerpt from a video work in progress
that pays tribute to abstract experimental films
and visual music by the Whitney Brothers, Harry Smith, Len Lye, Oscar Fischinger,
as well as video pioneer Nam June Paik and others.

Download the complete video here:

Get the Xvid codec (required) here:
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Darn....I downloaded the monster 146MB avi file, but it produces a codec error - I don't have the required codec to view it. This is odd for an avi file. I've never had a problem viewing avi files on my computer, and I do a lot of video editing and viewing. Too bad.

I really enjoyed the music, especially the deep, resonating tone that starts in the intro and continues in the background. Interesting...on Jan. 1, 2006, I will release a new CD, "Xperimentus," of me playing duos with 13 other musicians from Looper's Delight. When you get that, check out the song "An Evening with the Greys" with me and Mark Francombe. Actually, I'll give you a sneak preview here:


Compare the deep tone in the background (me using my guitar and the Boss VF1), and Mark doing the crazy stuff over the top.

Cool! :)
comment 28.12.2005: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  (you need DivX to see the movie ... www.divx.com)

Stunning work Rob. I love the texture of the sound and the way it develops. I also love the movie ... maybe Study Two will feature music+visuals in sync? that would be even cooler ...
I have a vague idea of how to work with Pure Data but I wouldn't know how to generate visuals like that ... really fascinating stuff. Keep us updated on more work in this vein will you?
comment 29.12.2005: Ivan Kapec (http://www.triangulizona.com)
  Nice work. It cleans the mind. Very dry and simple texture. Like some kind of the vibrating rather than a music. But, there is need to cross the borders. Impressive noise!
13 Michael Peters
stream trackload mp3   Das Geräusch
Soundtrack for an imaginary German trailer of "Earth vs. the flying saucers". Granulated rattan sofa, half speed mellotron, various sounds, speech samples.

Translated libretto:

man1: listen! what is it?
woman: what do you mean?
man1: this is the noise!
woman: this is the noise!
woman: this is the noise!
man1: this is the noise that was on our tape. we could not understand the words because the tape was running too fast
man2: we have only heard some unintelligible noises - but they didn't make sense to us
alien: we have a completely different rhythm of time here
alien: (sings in alien language)
woman: was that a saucer ... a flying saucer?
man1: we have seen something that one could take for a flying saucer ...

movie links:
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0049169 (has link to old trailer)
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Oh yes...I love this song too...very ominous and dark sounding...you can't help that when you use the tri-tone interval! :) The funny thing is that I have the movie "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" on DVD, as well as about 70 other classic 50's and 60s sci-fi DVDs. I eat this stuff up like candy. Thank you, Michael! I clearly remember the scene in the movie that you call out as well. Great movie, up there with The Day the Earth Stood Still, This Island Earth, War of the World, etc.
comment 28.04.2006: fabio anile (http://xoomer.virgilio.it/eterogeneo/)
  I dont' know the original film, neither the original soundtrack, but I really like how your track sounds. It's dark and obscure, and the final result is really impressive.
14 Roger Harmar
stream trackload mp3   Attack of the 50ft Woman
A new soundtrack for the proto-feminist camp classic Attack of the 50ft woman. The premise of the track is, what would have happened if Bernard
Herrmann hadn't scored 'the day the earth stood still' and had, in fact, scored this?

The trailer can be found at
comment 27.12.2005: Krispen Hartung (http://www.krispenhartung.com)
  Nice! I can't help from seeing a 50 foot version of Gort while listening to this. :) Now that would have been an alien to contend with!
comment 28.12.2005: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  this track is awesome ... vrey professional and fun at the same time ... perfect
comment 26.01.2007: michael klobuchar
  xcellent.....both compositionally and production wise.....i want to hear more!

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