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NEMO 017
year: 2005

project coordinator:Michael Klobuchar
mastering: Mikko Biffle
artwork:Anders Östberg

The focus on this project was to use a new or already existing poem in any language and create a background for the poem

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1 Gydja
stream trackload mp3   The Strange Metamorphosis of Animals
On the sticky Sunshine Coast
Fat bats, fruit-fed
Flap low through palms
On balmy nights,

Shadows of darkness deeper
Than the night’s black
That burrow into the secret folds
Of palms’ thick skirts.

In Wellington’s windy winter dusk
Through moaning pines
Crowing magpies soar and shriek
Their pilfering intent,

They spread their wings
And fly too close
As their steely eyes
Eye mine up for size.

At an East Cape beach
In fearful sea, alone
For beyond the reef I've seen
The charcoal stingrays glide,

Winging their way
Through waters, dark
Yet trailing longer
Through doubt-edged dreams.

The flicker of these creatures haunt
With morph of ancient flight,
Like Escher’s lines of blackened shapes
In merge from rays to bats to birds.

Poem by Charlotte Hurley © Charlotte Hurley. Narrated by Charlotte Hurley. Music and sound design by Gydja.
comment 10.02.2006: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  I really like your POEM track ... a masterpiece! Wonderful to hear the bats fly ... they almost sound like recorded from a bat detector ... did you use one, or have you studied bat recordings for this track? ... Charlotte's voice and recitation is also wonderful ....
comment 22.02.2006: mic
  GYDJA.....i want to hear much more of you music, i love it!
2 Anders Östberg
stream trackload mp3   No Ones Garden
At some places along the walk
lies last years leaves in disorder
comes into memories for flora and fauna
of the remaining woods
for she who strolls for pleasure

no human hand has carried them away

Let everything be, have trust in the untidy
leaves between the grey boulders
gives new life to the risen blood vessels

Poem by Marita Ekblad. Sonic background (sinus tones) and reading by Anders Östberg. Recorded in March 2005.
comment 14.02.2006: Fabio Anile (http://xoomer.virgilio.it/eterogeneo/)
  I like this poem and the music too. Music has that something riflessive and intimistic I like. Well done !
comment 28.04.2006: fabio anile (http://xoomer.virgilio.it/eterogeneo/)
  I like this track very much, Anders.
I can recognize an Eno's perspective, but your work has always something personal.
I like the poem too.
3 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Incantation
Come, horizon, hold...
Be not fidget-gadgetry
on gray dot spirit waves.
Your ghosts are omnipresent,
blizzard-blur god, black and white...
Glorious, You ride the air and extend
Your wiry tendrils to touch our lives, sing
sitcomsitcom celestial sponsor priests
sell sacred macaroni and nirvana behind
curtain number three, altar of plastic
faux woodgrain messiah, chant
lux-in-livingroom, we have come
to worship

You, we kneel
in reverence before
Thee, cyclops saviour...
Dormant divinity, You rest as
we prepare the ceremony, first light
of Saturday, as altar boys race reverent
down the stairs to lie prone before Thee, waiting...
Pajama virgins gather, clutching sacrificial
eager for your teachings, innocent disciples
giggle-witness cereal ritual, red, green, blue,
the Trinity:
Freak Wednesday modulated god
we freeze, content
in dull adoration, watch
over us with Thy steel gray eye, anoint
us electric, accept our minds and children...

There is unrest in the temple;
sneaking nova Cains enabled
plot to steal the sacrificial lambs, as books
lobbed by the savage PTA mob
strike Thy cathode martyr face,
as crucified You bleed electrons for our sins
and radiate that haunting gameshow smile,
serene in immortality.

voices, processed theremins, bell, shortwave heterodyne and manipulated static...
4 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Lupine
I stand on one foot
Petals scattered all around me
Losing my balance

voice, cymbal, dumbek, djembe, flute, cello, air traffic controller voice samples...
5 Klôbüchar
stream trackload mp3   Stooges
this trac was added to fill out the CD
6 Klôbüchar
stream trackload mp3   It's About Shirts
the writings on the wall
but it's getting hard to read
i need some thicker glasses
for my eyes to truely feed
upon the mysteries within the light
why do i feel that's it's becoming an endless night.

the horses in the stable
the chickens on their eggs
i need some plastic kneecaps
so i can use my legs
and run around in circles
serving you
that's not exactly what
i really want to do!

this was klobuchar's first adventure with ablton live.....he had recorded many versions on his 4 trac.....alas, the tape deck not only ate the master tape but then died the death......klobuchar was crushed and rushed this thru on a recorder lent to him by mr. gary l out in cali land.....a sad tale, no?
7 Klôbüchar
stream trackload mp3   Auto Destruct Sequence
this track was added to fill out the CD
8 Biffoz
stream trackload mp3   Gypsy Jerk
black night descending
the citadel defending
ripping asunder
the fabric of our lives...
what matters more? fortune? estate?
against all who challenge
give us something to HATE!
free thinking, now outdated,
replaced by fear!
the time has come,
tame the gypsy jerk!
the freedom walker!!!
kill the torch bearer!
all hail! ALL HAIL!!!!

©2005 Grimley Music Ltd.

This 'tune' was behind deadline, but I had these lyrics, and just hadn't recorded anything for it. I work very minimilistically, and after reflecting a bit I decided to submit this song with only 'score' lyrics, ala my sarcastic hero, Erik Satie. I realize this may draw criticism from literalists, but the guitar loop really works for me, so I'm very happy with the subjective qualities that arise from leaving it voiceless.
comment 10.02.2006: Michael Peters (www.michaelpeters.de)
  hi Miko, this track is awesome ... very torny ... I love the small interval dissonances and the phrasing ... more! more!
9 Biffoz
stream trackload mp3   GOOMH
I can't stand being unfairly judged, and symbolically stand in defiance of those who point their finger, even though I still love them.
10 Adam J Wimbush
stream trackload mp3   Noone
I follow'd the froth on the yellow potatoe tree
Obssesion erupting in visions
A logical canyon seemed to invelope
On the alien weather bubble surface
Very careful labia, lavish spine spread
Before discovering this book
Dappled being spoken snatch tomb
Chemistry stormed the pitch in afterlife
The kings disorientated butler teared
Proton cardi in woven fast blue
The cat thought too hard paw at brow
Heat continued with no sound
I exchanged air
Only two books and she woke
Seeing conditions terrifying
Salt from the heavenly tear drop
Spoon gasping front face mosaic burner
Woven ambitions white in release
Address the gold corners of seduction

Basically the piece folds and loops the sounds of arabic words split into syllables back onto themselves to create nonexisting words, narratives and new interpretations of the
existing poem, these have produced moments which on playback have trancended language and touch me emotionally. These choice moments created the basis of the track, i intentionally cut myself off from the original poem, allowing myself to 'feel' the presence, or shadow of the original concept behind the
writing. Hence we have a translated translated translation, so rather than reading we are hearing, so stimulated in a rather different way, there is no conclusion just moving music, language as a tool for understanding has been altered, let the sounds describe what the words cant, calligraphy of sounds, a sonic-scribe, the sound of hundreds of words uttered simultaneously but understood, open your ears to the voice flood.

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