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live performances by members of the chain tape collective

NEMO 018
year: 2006

project coordinator:Tim Nelson
mastering: Tim Nelson
artwork:Tim Nelson

CT-Live is a virtual concert. As with the Collective's previous efforts, this recording is based around a theme, in this case that the music on this project was performed in front of an audience.

Somehow loopers have gotten the reputation of being, shall we say, a little bit solitary when compared to musicians who tend to travel around in groups. The image persists of the electronic musician hunched over a computer or multi-tracker in a bedroom 'studio'. The Chain Tape Collective is here to set the record straight. Well, sort of... With the notable exception of events like Rick Walker's Live Looping Festivals, members of the looping community rarely get the opportunity to share the concert stage. But that's not to say we're hermits. We're just spread out over a lot of geography.
CT-Live is a virtual concert. As with the Collective's previous efforts, this recording is based around a theme, in this case that the music on this project was performed in front of an audience. It's not intended to be an accurate representation of what we actually sound like in live performance, nor is it necessary for the audiences in question to be large. The venues at which this project was recorded range from barrooms to houseparties, from festival crowds to the intimacy of the performer's own kitchen. You'll hear the quirks of live performance; conversations, laughter, footsteps, babies and audience participation. You'll hear missed notes and the sound of footswitches clicking, distortion, feedback. But hopefully you'll also hear the spirit of community and the magic of live performance. On with the show...

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  (ct) artist stream / download mp3 min
1 krispen hartung
stream trackload mp3   insectoid moxie
2 david cooper orton
stream trackload mp3   kitchen sing-song
3 tim nelson
stream trackload mp3   sinusoidal stake
There's a video for this one on YouTube. (speleman62)
4 matt davignon
stream trackload mp3   live @ loop festival 10-8-05
5 klütter
stream trackload mp3   syd's ghöst
ty moyer: drums
john belizio: guitar & loops
nick mancini: bass
michael klobuchar: guitar & loops
comment 16.10.2006: eterogeneo (http://xoomer.alice.it/eterogeneo/)
  Wow, what an interesting free improvvised collective ! This track is one my preferred.

6 gydja
stream trackload mp3   live
7 miko biffle with tim sanz
stream trackload mp3   krebs folly
miko biffle: guitar & loops
tim sanz: guitar & loops
8 rick walker
stream trackload mp3   prepared mattel toy guitar
9 norelpref
stream trackload mp3   heavyconfetti medley
Mostly casual improvisations done in two different coffeehouses. The coffee machines generally win the battle of noise....
10 david cooper orton
stream trackload mp3   st. pancras palimpsest
11 tim nelson with sean byrne
stream trackload mp3   sunyata
tim nelson: guitar, loops, mellotron, gong
sean byrne: drums
There's a video for this one on YouTube. (speleman62)
comment 10.09.2007: tim nelson (http://www.myspace.com/nimbletunes)
  A video for this track can be seen here

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