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NEMO 006
year: 2000

project coordinator:Michael Klobuchar
mastering: Michael Klobuchar
artwork:Tim Nelson

Some say the blues ain't nothing but a loop! The goal was to simply create a blues tune.

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1 Tim Nelson
stream trackload mp3   Muddy Puddles
*Everything* on this track, percussion and high notes included, was played on a 1971 Fender Precision bass.
2 Dovers Powers
stream trackload mp3   M6A1Y6A
3 David Coffin
stream trackload mp3   17 by 52
4 Jon Southwood
stream trackload mp3   TriskaidekaBlues
5 Kevin Miller
stream trackload mp3   Last Call at the Blue Pub
6 Dennis Plaxton String Quartet
stream trackload mp3   Brou'haha Blues
7 L.A. Angulo
stream trackload mp3   The Returning
I started getting into loop based music back in 1996 when the Oberheim Echoplex came out.This device has developed amazingly over the years but back then it had a lot of faults.Nevertheless it was so inspring that i wanted to see if i could compose a whole piece with it and the Bluezette project was the perfect opportunity for it.I had also gotten into guitar synthesizers so what you are hearing is a Roland GR09,a Boss dr.660 a strat and nine different evolving loops.I recorded this piece with a Roland VS 840.
8 Larry Peterson
stream trackload mp3   High [Tech/Expectation] Blues
9 The Cryin' Shames
stream trackload mp3   94 String Acoustic Blues
10 Howlin' Rick Walker (a.k.a. Loop.pooL)
stream trackload mp3   Blue Screen Blues
11 David Talento
stream trackload mp3   Broken Fist Blues (part II)
comment 29.08.2014: David Talento (Http://davidtalento.bandcamp.com)
  Wow! Completely forgot I even did this track. Great to see the tape collective collection fully restored and online. Good, good times...
12 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Blue Loops for the Indigo Inclined
13 Murkie
stream trackload mp3   Act One, Scene Two Transition
14 Mike Barman
stream trackload mp3   Manual Fuze
15 Sandy Brown
stream trackload mp3   Blue New Year
16 Michael Klobuchar
stream trackload mp3   ZolloFF BLue
klobuchar came to the blues late in life.....perhaps that is why he had to take anti-depressents....."da blues is da mother of all loops" blind willy rahcubolk.....this is an example of live looped blues.....baby!
17 Todd Madson's Aliensporebomb
stream trackload mp3   Blues for Kid Barbequepants
18 Xonic
stream trackload mp3   off-cut
19 Uncle Bouki
stream trackload mp3   Blues Like Me
20 Harvey Crystal and the Muhfuhs
stream trackload mp3   7 Dead Squirrels
comment 13.10.2004: Todd Madson (http://pod.ath.cx/)
  This is one of the coolest tracks ever recorded by anyone, anywhere.
comment 12.03.2005: klobuchar (n/a)
21 Todd Madson´s Aliensporebomb
stream trackload mp3   Blues for Kid BBQ-Pants Original
I replaced my old computer this past summer and of the three hard drives in it, one drive ended up running into a persistent problem of not spinning up when a power supply fan failed causing the drive to be subjected to an extended period of too much heat.
The drive always had problems spinning up after that.
I just sort of forgot about it and the drive sat in the case for quite some time.
At the time I quickly substituted another track for my blues track but I wasn't quite as happy with it as the original.
The machine sat down in the basement for a considerable amount of time and I messed with it a bit a week or so ago during christmas break and with a new computer taking on the tasks of the old I was able to resurrect a lot of old data from the old box.
One of the things I was able to resurrect was the original track I had intended for the bluezette project.
If you want, you can upload it as a bonus track for that project if you like.
me: electric guitars, guitar loops, ppg wave, electric piano, mini moog bass, drumming

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