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NEMO 033
year: 2010

project coordinator:Nick Robinson
mastering: Nick Robinson
artwork:Nick Robinson

Reverbs - many and various: the most prominent element of each piece, used to give differing sense of "place" throughout the piece

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1 All Artists (mix by Nick Robinson)
stream trackload mp3   Overture
I thought it would be a nice idea to merge the tracks together for an overture - all the artists involved gave me carte blanche, so only have themselves to blame ;)
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Developed nicely from the rough mix version of which I was permitted a sneak preview. Fine example of the contrasting styles and sounds that are to follow...
comment 03.08.2010: rick walker (www.youtube.com/looppool)
  Beautiful work on this whole project, Nick (and everyone). How did I miss that this was happening? I would so have loved to have contributed. I was even thinking that it might be cool to have a space on the website for artists to contribute 'answer' songs that are inspired by these beautiful collective works that the CT-Collective puts out. Youtube has a similar thing.......answer a video with a video......a song with a song.

Anyway, I"ve listened to the whole thing tonight and I'm very inspired, folks....thanks muchly.
2 Nick Robinson
stream trackload mp3   Battle of the Reverb Plate
Loopy type acoustic guitar treated with a variety of Ableton reverbs and panned slightly
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Really liking the chordal work - reminding me of Michael Hedges, but that's likely just me?
comment 03.08.2010: Stephen Scott
  Not just you David, very Michael Hedges. Really nice piece of work Nick, as usual.
3 Stephen Scott
stream trackload mp3   Forgotten, Returned
1st instrument is a Parker PM20 guitar through a Line 6 M9. The reverb swell chords are accomplished by using the expression pedal to morph from a dry sound to a full 'hall' reverb mix with maximum decay time. The slight flanging effect is obtained by morphing the reverb pre-delay from 70 to 90 msec. This simple pattern was looped in Mobius. The chords change suddenly at about 2:30 for a change in direction - why not? 2nd instrument is a PRS SE singlecut through a Studio Projects valve pre-amp, with some compression applied via the M9. Reverb effects are relatively subtle on this instrument, ranging from a dry sound where neccesary, to long faded up reverb tails. Sometimes a dry phrase is repeated with reverb added. Occasional backwards guitars (once with reverse reverb) are dropped in. Assembled and rendered in Reaper
4 David Cooper Orton
stream trackload mp3   Wet Behind The Ears
it's a duet between two guitars, one electric, the other electro-acoustic, both parts performed on the Parker Nite-Fly. Reverb effects are primarily supplied by the Line 6 M9, mainly the Octo and ParticleVerb, with some Chamber 'verb in places. The whole track then received some post-production additional 'verbing in AudioStudio to accent various moments of suspension and drama
comment 02.08.2010: raul bonell (raulbonell.blogspot.com)
  excellence, is the word. libraries should not exist, so this man would be free to devote his life to music.
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Raul - that is most gracious. Actually, it's been my experience during my "career" in libraries that they exist precisely so I *can* spend so much time on music. OK - maybe not all the time...
comment 03.08.2010: Steve Moyes (stevemoyes.org.uk)
  Really beautiful playing David. I have to agree with Raul that more of your music in the world would be a very good thing! But, of course, libraries are important too...
comment 03.08.2010: Rick Walker (www.youtube.com/looppool)
  God, this is beautiful, David!

You really inspire me, man!
comment 03.08.2010: Fabio A. (www.eterogeneo.com)
  David, it's beautiful !
5 Raul Bonell
stream trackload mp3   Burning Poles
rb: piano. this is a piano impro in classroom, recorded, two meters apart, using the zoom h2. opened windows in order to capture outside sounds (bird singing) as well as noises inside the room (breathing, body noises, piano pedals, old chair, etc). then made some edits and wrapped all this with a rather unnatural convolution reverb
comment 02.08.2010: Michael
  very beautiful Raul !!
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  As Michael says, beautiful. Atmospheric and moody. Very nice.
comment 02.08.2010: Stephen Scott
  How beautiful this is.
comment 02.08.2010: Anders Östberg (www.andersostberg.net)
  Porn groove!
comment 03.08.2010: raul bonell
  yessz, anders. it is the groove of the future! just joking. i use to tag my tracks with "porn" hoping that this would give them more coverage :-)))))
comment 03.08.2010: Steve Moyes (stevemoyes.org.uk)
  I love the sound of this, Raul. Even with the "unnatural" reverb it seems to reain a kind of "classroom" sound. Nice playing too!
comment 03.08.2010: rick walker (www.looppool.info)
  I love that the piano IS a reverb............your playing with the sonorous quality of the instrument and the convolution reverb is very cool. By the way, are you hip to the Piano Verb? It's a digital simulation of playing any instrument into the body of grand piano with the lid up........a very cool reverb. I've got it if you don't have it.
comment 03.08.2010: raul bonell
  @rick. no, i am not. is that a plugin verb? it would be cool to give it a try. thanx.
6 Rinus Van Alebeek
stream trackload mp3   A Perfect Couple
It is recorded with an iPhone, hoovering over three cassette players (and their inbuilt speakers) Each player was put in an object that would/could cause a natural reverb. One player however reproduced the sounds of organical material (bio!) that I'd treated with a zoom effects pedal, put on 'hall.'
comment 03.08.2010: rick walker (www.youtube.com/DaygloOrangePlastic)
  This piece was very evocative for me. The combination field recording, artistry, low fi and, of course, verbs is really effecting. A very stimulating piece of music, Thanks!
comment 08.09.2010: Anton Mobin (http://antonmobin.blogspot.com/)
  Really amazing how this iphone recording give a surprising sensation of lightness, my ears flooded in this soundscape .. a very interesting reverb experiment and listening experience
Great project
7 Jeffrey Letterly
stream trackload mp3   Bees, Clouds
A piece for two banjos, played clawhammer style. The business of the interlocking banjo patterns conveys the bees. The added reverb sometimes obscures the patterns, creating small clouds of sound.
comment 03.08.2010: raul bonell
  after some rounds, I found my favorite track. such tangential but dynamic tempos at once. the mysterious dance of the central section, [eyes closed] echoing beneath the vaults of a moghul palace. dialogue between the two tracks, both with instruments and effects such as reverb tails, sometimes inverted, intertwine and interact, very effectively using the stereo field. hope to listen more music coming from jeff in the future.
8 Steve Moyes
stream trackload mp3   Visions Of Indecision
Samples music box and bass clarinet, and a selection of reverb plugins. There must be over 100 different reverb setiins, many of which overlap. An attempt to make a simple piece of music sound interesting by putting the instruments in a variety of different virtual spaces.
comment 02.08.2010: raul bonell
  i enjoyed this greatly. interesting and creative use of reverb in this track.
comment 02.08.2010: David Cooper Orton (www.davidcooperorton.co.uk)
  Enjoyed the compositional aspect of this and the welcome mixture of instruments' timbres. Could have sworn the first note of the clarinet was a cello! Nice.
comment 03.08.2010: Rick Walker (www.youtube.com/rickwalkerlivelooper)
  the juxtaposition of bass clarinet and toy music box (which I seem to be obsessed with lately) is really wonderful.................this is a perfect match of chamber music composition sensibility in the digital age. Very nice!

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